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A lost pet that is microchipped and also carries an external ID tag on its collar, stands the best chance of being returned to its owner if found!

On the tag, we engrave "I'M MICROCHIPPED - CALL CAR - 03 9706 3187" and a unique ID number that is cross linked to your pet's microchip record listed with CAR. 

Please note, if ordering multiple tags for the same pet, only the 2 most recent ID numbers will be linked with CAR. Please contact us immediately after submitting your order, so we can update this ID number on our records before your tags are processed.
Your details can take up to 7 business days to be linked on CARs database.

Anyone who finds your lost pet can simply call the CAR number on the tag, quote your pet's unique ID number and CAR will quickly put you in touch with that person.

If you wish, you can add your pet’s name and your contact details if you order a 2 sided tag, or you can add just your pet's name on a one sided tag.

Prices of Bow Wow Meow pet ID tags for pets that are registered with CAR are:

 $16.95 for all Stainless Steel, Brass, Design, Glitter, Aluminium and Nickel tags.

 $17.95 for all Fashion tags

 $29.95 for all Bling tags with genuine Swarovski crystals.

Prices include GST, engraving and postage to anywhere in Australia.


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